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Sales is a tricky field. Many factors have to align in order to create a successful sales relationship. The customer has to need or desire your product, and you have to offer them a deal they can’t or don’t want to refuse.

The sales pitch and the more formal sales presentation are both important factors in the success of any sales person. Do you feel confident about the ability of your sales team to be remembered, to build lasting relationships with clients, and close the deal?

You might want to consider adding a little humor to your sales presentations. Everyone loves to laugh, and when people hear something that strikes them funny, they sit up and take notice.

How can humor positively impact your sales presentations?

  1. It puts people at ease: Humor makes people comfortable. When you laugh, you become more relaxed and more receptive. Humor also has a way of bonding people together. When you’re all in on the joke, you feel like you’re really sharing something unique. This approach can work to create a connection whether you’re pitching a product one-on-one or to an entire room full of people.
  2. It will make an impression: Humor is memorable. If a company is listening to multiple sales pitches for similar products, who are they going to remember? The people with the nicest shoes? No. (Well, OK, I will probably notice if you have amazing shoes. But that will just make me want shoes, and unless you're selling shoes, that's no good.) They’re going to remember the sales person who made them laugh. They may not be quoting jokes, but they will say something like “I really enjoyed that Bob. He was a riot!” If you strike the right balance between professionalism and humor, it’s smooth sailing from there!
  3. Humor connotes confidence: When you’re so comfortable with yourself and speaking publicly that you can make jokes, the audience will notice. Many salespeople are too tightly wound when making presentations, and end up coming across as bland, uninteresting, or worst of all – uninspired by their product.

Not everyone is a natural comedian – but everyone can tap into humor to make themselves feel more relaxed. Even practicing telling jokes, going to open mics, or gathering friends for a night of sharing material can go a long way toward making you a more confident and memorable presenter.

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